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Mawar Sharon Church is an apostolic and prophetic cell-based church, which moves in all kinds of spiritual gifts to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to make all nations His disciples. This rapidly growing church movement will soon break the 100,000 membership mark in numerous local churches spread out in Indonesia, Asia, Australia, Europe, and America under the fathering leadership of Pastor Philip Mantofa.


A Cell-based Church that is Apostolic and Prophetic


1,000 Strong Local Churches & 1,000,000 Disciples of Christ

Confession of Faith of Mawar Sharon Church

Our Beliefs and Values as God's Church
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Pastor Profile

Pastor Philip Mantofa was born in Surabaya on the 27th of September, 1974. From his birthplace, he went on to study abroad in Taipei, Singapore, and finally, he repented during his high school days in Vancouver, Canada.

Two years after he received his undergraduate degree from a Bible school, when riots broke out in Indonesia in May 1998 to be exact, he decided to return to his homeland for the sake of preaching the Gospel. The Mawar Sharon Church he leads has become a fast-growing church that will soon break the 100,000 membership mark in numerous local churches spread out nationwide, even to Southeast Asia and Australia.

At a young age, he has personally witnessed more than 200,000 souls who got saved as he led them to Christ. His passion is to fan into flame the fire of spiritual awakening everywhere, and to raise up anointed pastors and leaders in every field—especially in Asia.

Above all, his greatest vision is to build 1,000 strong local churches with 1,000,000 disciples; and he will not stop until every nation on this earth encounters the Lord Jesus Christ personally. Philip is happily married to Irene Saphira, and they are blessed with 3 children: Vanessa, Jeremy, and Warren.

Connect Group

Connect Group is a cell group of Mawar Sharon Church, a community where you will find a second family with a goal to be discipled to become more like Christ.

Each member can build one another through sharing words/living testimonies and serving one another. It is "a home for everyone."

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